If you would like to commission a painting, please contact me by email -  Let me know what or who you would like painted and when you need it finished and shipped to you. I paint commissioned art in the order that requests are taken.  Commissioned art pricing will be negotiated at the time of your request.  A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total painting price is required to start the work. This deposit pays for the materials purchased to begin the work. Please allow sufficient time when planning a gift for someone. (A completed oil painting will take 4 weeks to dry for successful packing/shipping to you.) During the painting process I will email to you digital photos of the art in progress for your review.  Changes to the painting can be made at that time. I will make every attempt to incorporate the changes you request. If you wish to cancel the commission after reviewing the digital photos of the painting in progress,  the cancelled artwork will remain my property.


I will paint from your photos that you send me. Please send several so that I may choose the best one. Photos must be of very good quality in size, color and focus. For a portrait, the size of the face should be at least 1/2 to 3/4 size of the photo. Please do not send copyrighted photos taken at professional portrait studios unless you include the studio's copyright release form allowing artists to use the photo for artwork. I reserve the right to cancel the commission in the event that the photos are too poor in quality for accurate representation. All photos will be returned to you.


All purchases will be processed by I will never have any of your credit card information.  By clicking on the painting of your choice you will have the option to "Add To Cart".  If that option is not displayed, the painting has already been sold.


Artwork purchased from the eGallery may be returned within two weeks of purchase. You will be refunded the total price of the painting.  You are responsible for the return shipping charges.  All returned art must be insured during the return shipping process. If the art is damaged during the return shipping process, and was not shipped insured, the price of the painting will not be refunded.

Commissioned art approved by the client during and at the finish of the painting process through digital photos provided to them by Lisa Durfee will not be refunded after shipment. Approval is defined as an email message confirming the acceptance by the client of the work depicted by high-resolution digital photos.


I reserve the right to cancel a commission before any work is commenced due to poor quality photos.  The 25% deposit will be refunded. If you choose to cancel the commission after you have directed me to begin work on the painting, the 25% deposit will not be refunded. This deposit is used to purchase the materials to begin the painting and is therefore unrefundable.


Lisa Durfee owns the copyright to all art displayed in the eGallery and to commissioned art as well.


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