Welcome and thank you for visiting my eGallery!  As an emerging fine art painter it is my hope that you will visit often and take delight in viewing my art.

I have been drawing and painting since childhood.  Creating visual art of all types is what I love to do. Following this passion led me to Georgia Tech's Industrial Design program where I had exposure to all facets of design in the corporate world - product, furniture, manufacturing, advertising and graphic design.  Graphic design was a natural for me - taking a white page and adding photos, logos, typography and color to create an inviting composition to communicate ideas for a client with the aim of selling a product, and idea or a service to their target market.

Now after more than 20 years as Principal of Durfee Design, an Atlanta-based graphic design studio, I am using a blank canvas, oil paints and brushes to communicate a message of my own - a beautiful landscape, the stillness of a flower or capturing the true personality of a portrait of any type.

For this artist, painting has been and continues to be, a journey.  My art evolves with each painting.  It is a learning process that never ends. 

I invite you to share in my journey to hopefully create oil paintings that will be appreciated and enjoyed by many long past the time I lay my brush down.

- Lisa Coppi Durfee

Recent Work

"le Printemps"

"Apollo & Clubber"


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